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Khadijah A.     StarBurst Khadijah A. and her family are currently homesteading on 25 acres in southern Missouri. She is a student, teacher, herbalist, writer and translator who has had several books published on the subject of Islaam, as well as a children's poetry book. She is currently working on a women's herbal book and another children's book as well as her own story which you can read about at Yemeni Journey. She also writes about sustainable living at Wide Earth. —read more...

Judy Alter     SuperStar Judy Alter is the author of two mystery series—Kelly O'Connell Mysteries and Blue Plate Café mysteries—plus the stand-alone, The Perfect Coed. In a long career, she has written fiction and nonfiction for adults and young adults, primarily about women in the American west, and garnered several awards. Judy retired as director of TCU Press, a position she has held for 23 years. She is a member of SCN; a member of Sisters in Crime and the Steering Committee of the SinC subgroup, the Guppies; and a member of the Texas Institute of Letters and the Texas Literary Hall of fame. —read more...

Lee Ambrose     SuperNova Lee Ambrose: I am passionate about words! I enjoy reviewing books for the SCN Book Review Site almost as much as I enjoy reading the reviews posted by my sister reviewers. Reading and writing are such an important part of my life that I cannot imagine a day without actively reading or writing—or both! —read more...

Susan Andrus     StarBurst Susan Andrus: I am an energetic person who loves to read, write, walk, paint, teach, and play cello. I can do many activities that I would otherwise not have time for because I don't have a TV. Right now, I'm working on a series of articles regarding equal education for all. Maybe they will grow up to be a book someday. —read more...

Pat Bean     Star Pat Bean: Pat Bean is a retired journalist who traveled the country for nine years in a small RV with her canine companion. She now lives in Tucson and writes travel articles, including a blog called Discovering America for American Profile magazine. —read more...

Rhonda Esakov     SuperStar Rhonda Esakov: I am a volunteer instructor for Texas Parks and Wildlife, an NRA Certified Shooting Instructor/Range Officer and have managed my own tax practice for over 25 years. When not working or teaching gun and outdoor courses, I enjoy visiting caves, camping and canoeing. My writing includes a piece in the Kitchen Table Stories anthology... —read more...

Lynn Goodwin     Star B. Lynn Goodwin is a freelance writer, editor, teacher, former caregiver, and the author of You Want Me To Do What?—Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing). —read more...

Judith Helburn     SuperNova Judith Helburn has been involved with Sage-ing® since 1994. She is currently Editor of the SG Communicator and member of the Outreach Committee for the international Sage-ing Guild. Past national Sage-ing activities include Training Coordinator and member of the Coordinating Circle. Judith works with seniors in several other programs in Austin, Texas, including the Older Women's Legacy (OWL)-Circle memoir program of Story Circle Network. —read more...

Linda Hoye     Star Linda Hoye: I'm a Business Analyst, writer, adoptee, bibliophile, and somewhat-fanatical grandma. I recently published my memoir, Two Hearts: An Adoptee's Journey Through Grief to Gratitude (2012), and am a contributor to Adoption Voices Magazine. I recently retired from corporate life and, along with my husband and our doted-upon Yorkshire Terrier, returned to my Canadian home land where I'm keeping busy in my garden, my kitchen, and at my writer's desk. You can connect with me on my blog, A Slice of Life Writing. —read more...

Laura Strathman Hulka     Nova Laura Strathman Hulka Born and raised in California, I spent nine years in Tennessee at the turn of the century, learning to speak Southern, and eight months in the Arizona desert, learning I really don't like heat! Presently, I live with my husband of 40 years and two dachshunds in the state capitol of Sacramento, CA. —read more...

Susan Ideus     SuperStar Susan Ideus. I've been a SCN member since January 2006—one of the best New Years' resolutions I've made! I've been fortunate enough to attend two SCN national conferences and several weekend retreats, and I facilitate online writing group #3. I contribute to SC Book Reviews and have had several pieces of my writing included in SCN publications. —read more...

Judy King     Star Judy King In thinking of ways to describe myself, "science nerd" keeps floating to the top, more so than "voracious reader" or "writer." So I'll go with that, although it's not the way I would have imagined describing myself when I was much younger. But my love of animals led to a love of nature led to a curiosity about how things work in the natural world, and there you have it—evolution into a science nerd. —read more...

Penny Leisch     Star Penny Leisch is a writer, author, and resume specialist who lives in Austin, Texas. Her clients include the City of Tempe, Walsh America, Camping & RV Magazine, Warner Wrangler newspaper, Loving Pets Magazine, Garden and Hearth, Adams Media (Cup of Comfort anthology series), and many more. —read more...

Sharon Lippincott     StarBurst Sharon Lippincott lives near Pittsburgh, PA, and has been writing for thirty years. After retiring from the business world, she turned her focus to life story and memoir writing and leads workshops on these topics based on her latest book, The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing. —read more...

Olga Livshin     Star Olga Livshin is a freelance writer and journalist from Vancouver, Canada. Her articles and interviews appear regularly in local newspapers. She also writes fiction, and most of her protagonists are women: dancers, scientists, teachers, even magicians. Her fist contemporary women's novel, Lost and Found in Russia, was published in February 2013 under the pen name Olga Godim. —read more...

Anita Lock     Star Anita Lock is a woman of many hats: a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother of three awesome children, a grandmother to an amazing, little granddaughter, and a long-time educator in varied degrees (pun intended!). —read more...

Ann McCauley     SuperStar Ann McCauley is the penname of Cheryl Bazzoui. She is the author of Runaway Grandma (2007), Mother Love (2012), and Pressure Cooker Christmas (2017). She is a contributor to the anthologies Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing (2012) and Women Writing After Retirement (2014). —read more...

Martha Meacham     SuperStar Martha Meacham has a home nestled in motts of live oak and clumps of junipers on a piece of hardscrabble land southwest of Austin. The gentle rolling hills nearby remind her of the glacial drumlins of upstate New York where she grew up before leaving for college in Mexico. —read more...

Jenifer Melville     StarBurst Jennifer Melville is a freelance writer and proud military wife living in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been published in Natural Awakenings, Women's Digest, Jax Air News, and multiple other publications and has a degree in English from the University of Maryland. —read more...

Judy M. Miller     StarBurst Judy M. Miller: Seven years ago I took my husband's advice and began my writing career. It was in my first writing classes that I came across Story Circle Network. I was drawn to the idea of women nurturing women in their quest to write and share their stories. I joined SCN soon after and volunteered to become one of the SCBR editors. —read more...

Mary Ann Moore     SuperNova Mary Ann Moore: I am a poet, writer and creativity facilitator in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Ever since carrying them around, for the feel and smell of them, I have loved books—before I had yet learned to read! —read more...

Edith O'Nuallain     Star Edith O'Nuallain, mother of 5 and substitute teacher in a local primary school, lives in Wicklow, the Garden County of Ireland. She reads and writes whenever the opportunity presents itself to her, and has an insatiable appetite for buying books, a habit her dearly beloved husband prefers to call a disease! —read more...

Patricia Pando     SuperNova Trilla Pando: I live in my favorite city, Houston, Texas where I write, volunteer at the Museum of Fine Arts, play with a grandson, and enjoy all the plays, concerts, museums and general fun a city offers. I have been an SCN member since 2000. While as member I was a contributing editor to the Story Circle Journal for several years and a member of the board. —read more...

Juliet Porton     Star Juliet Porton is a Northern California freelance writer and mother of two. She loves having the chance to interview people who are passionate about what they do. Juliet enjoys talking and writing about books as much as she likes reading them. —read more...

Donna Remmert     Star Donna Van Straten Remmert is a former member of the SCN Board of Directors, and has facilitated writing workshops and writing circles. She has published a memoir about her childhood, The Littlest Big Kid and a memoir about her teen years, The Jitterbug Girl. —read more...

Doris Anne Roop-Benner     StarBurst Doris Anne Roop-Benner: I have lived in Richardson, Texas, since 1973 and been a member of Story Circle since its creation in 1997. Born and raised in Philadelphia, I have been married to Bob for 42 years. —read more...

Lisa Shirah-Hiers     SuperStar Lisa Shirah-Hiers holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition, summa cum laude from Lawrence University and a Masters in Composition from UT Austin. A one-time classical radio announcer for KMFA in Austin, Texas, she now pursues a double career as a private piano, theory and composition teacher and freelance writer. —read more...

    Star Diane Stanton is a retired teacher currently luxuriating in having time to read, write and play with her dogs. She lives with her family in Virginia. —read more...

Susan J. Tweit     Nova Susan J. Tweit is a plant biologist and the award-winning author of twelve books (including her memoir, Walking Nature Home: A Life's Journey, and Colorado Scenic Byways, winner of the Colorado Book Award), numerous magazine articles, and newspaper columns. Read her popular blog and learn about her books on her website. —read more...

Sharon Wildwind     SuperStar Sharon Wildwind is a Calgary, Alberta writer, who focuses on mysteries and memoirs. She has kept a journal since 1978 and has one published memoir, Dreams that Blister Sleep, based on the year she spent in Vietnam with the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Her Viet Nam veterans mystery series includes Some Welcome Home (2005)... —read more...

Dawn Wink     Star Dawn Wink is an educator and writer whose work explores the tensions and beauty of language, culture, and place. Dawn grew up on a cattle ranch in the San Pedro River Valley in southeastern Arizona. During high school, she spent a year living in Chihuahua, Mexico and went on to receive a BA in International Relations, Spanish, and German at the University of California/Davis, living and studying in Spain and Germany. Dawn received her Masters in Bilingual Education from California State University/Sacramento. —read more...

Linda Wisniewski     SuperStar Linda Wisniewski: I share an empty nest with my retired scientist husband in Bucks County, PA. As a long time member of Story Circle Network, I have benefited greatly over the years. I've facilitated an e-circle, written book reviews, and was one of the editors of the Kitchen Table Stories anthology. I have taken online classes, served on the board, was a contributing editor of Story Circle Journal, and have been one of the judges for the annual memoir contest. —read more...



  • Helene Benardo is a retired teacher of English in New York City. —read more...

  • D Ferrara: Writer, editor and collaborator D Ferrara's work has appeared in numerous magazines and journals. Recently, she co-edited and contributed to "Jewels of San Fedele," an anthology. Her script, Arvin Lindemeyer Takes Canarsie won Outstanding Screenplay in the Oil Valley Film Festival. Her play, Favor, won NJ ACT's Outstanding Production of an Original Play. —read more...

  • Jazz Jaeschke is an Austin, Texas, poet memoirist. A former member of the SCN Board of Directors, Jazz has led an SCN Internet Chapter poetry circle since 2003. She frequents Austin area poetry festivals, with work appearing in festival anthologies and Story Circle publications. In 2002, Jazz published Significance, a memoir (mostly poems) spanning growing up and 33 career years with a high-tech company. Jazz is drawn to accessible poetry with a twist of mystery and relevance to living mindfully. Photography, SoulCollage®, labyrinths, nature, and travel arouse her muse. She pairs resulting poems and images on her blog. —read more...

  • Mary Potter Kenyon graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Psychology and is a certified grief counselor. In May she will begin working as a program director for a spirituality center. Mary is widely published in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. She is the author of six books... —read more...

  • Shawn LaTorre, former teacher, International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program coordinator, and director of a Law Humanities Magnet program, currently lives in Austin, Texas. She is a reviewer for Story Circle Network and has contributed her time and efforts to Impact Austin as well as People Against Child Trafficking. She enjoys spending time with family, reading and reviewing books, gardening, biking, sailing, quilting, cooking and writing... —read more...

  • Denise McAllister Denise was the Internal Communications Coordinator of a global engineering corporation in Atlanta, GA for 14 years, then the Communications Coordinator/Editor for a residential community on Hilton Head Island, SC for 13 years. She freelance edits publications (for clients in the U.S., Austria, and Finland), websites, novels, and anything with the written word.

  • Donna B. Russell Donna B. Russell is a retired teacher, freelance poet, writer, and editor. She is an avid reader, a member of Story Circle Network, and recently began reviewing books. Since 1990 she has written a monthly column, "PetWise," has had poems and articles published online and in print, including articles in the Vermont Tenant and the New England Baptist paper. She has also taught a workshop on "Relating to People with Chronic Pain/Illness," and is an online advocate for environmental and animal concerns. —read more...

  • Carol Smallwood's over four dozen books include Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching, on Poets & Writers Magazine list of Best Books for Writers. Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Picket Fences is from Lamar University Press, 2014; Divining the Prime Meridian, forthcoming from WordTech Editions. —read more...





Susan Wittig Albert Editor SuperNova Susan Wittig Albert, Coordinating Editor: In 1985, I left my career as a university professor and administrator and began working fulltime as a novelist and freelance writer. For the past 16 years, I've written the China Bayles herbal mysteries, and for the past five, a series of historical fantasies called The Cottage Tales, featuring Beatrix Potter. —read more...

Mary Jo Doig Editor SuperStar Mary Jo Doig, Editor: I have found so many ways to nurture my reader's/writer's soul in SCN since joining in 2001. When I reflect about the years past, I think of myself as "SCN Homegrown," from beginning to shyly and not confidently share some of my stories in w-ecircles 2 and 9, to accepting facilitator-ship of the wonderful group of women in w-ecircle 7 in 2003 a few years later. Soon after, I was delighted to accept the editorship of Story Circle Journal's "True Words From Real Women." —read more...

Barbara Heming Editor Barbara Heming, Editor: Ever since she learned to read, Barbara Heming has been a voracious reader. For her a snow day was a gift of time to journey into the worlds sandwiched between the covers of a book. She pursued a Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literature which opened doors into literature of other cultures. After moving to a remote canyon in northern New Mexico a few years ago, she turned her attention to her lifelong dream of writing fiction and has now completed a number of short stories and her first novel. —read more...

Teresa Lynn Editor Teresa Lynn, Distribution Editor: A former newspaper reporter, Teresa Lynn is an editor and writer. She is the author of Little Lodges on the Prairie: Freemasonry & Laura Ingalls Wilder and Thanksgiving Joy: A Cornucopia of Stories, Songs, Poems, Recipes, and Traditions, both published by Tranquility Press. Teresa lives in the Texas hill country with her husband. She can be reached through her blog. —read more...

Susan Schoch Editor SuperStar Susan Schoch, Editor: Susan Schoch is a Colorado member of our editorial team. About herself, she says, "I'm a freelance writer and editor, specializing in memoir and personal history, and recently completed a biography of two revered ceramic artists, titled The Clay Connection: Jim and Nan McKinnell. It's always an honor and a fascinating journey to present someone's life story, something that Story Circle Network recognizes and fosters." —read more...

Paula Stallings Yost Editor Paula Stallings Yost, Editor: After a twenty-five-year career in public relations and journalism in Dallas, I returned to my roots in the piney woods of East Texas, working for a while as lifestyles editor for a small-town daily newspaper. In 1999, I established LifeSketches/ Heirloom Memoirs Publishing... —read more...


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  • Penny Appleby
  • Stephanie Barko
  • Mary Daniels Brown
  • Janet Caplan
  • Kim Randall Cox
  • Jill Day
  • Barbara L. Heller
  • Becky Lane
  • Leila Levinson
  • Marion Mitchell
  • Sallie Moffitt
  • Melissa Negron
  • Diana Nolan
  • Natalie Purcell
  • Carol Smallwood
  • Becca Taylor
  • Sherry Wachter

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  • Melanie Alberts
  • Karen Ballinger
  • Duffie Bart
  • Julie Baum
  • Karen Bensing
  • Carolyn Blankenship
  • Sharon Blumberg
  • Lisa Check
  • Bobbi Chukran
  • Catherine Cogburn
  • Gloria Cordova
  • Leslie Crowley
  • Patricia Daly-Lipe
  • Nancy Dasenbrock
  • Robin Edgar
  • Carol Feder
  • Judy Fettman
  • Kara Flathouse
  • Grace Forrest-Maestas
  • Sally Gelardin
  • Christine Gilbert
  • Darla Grant
  • Jeanne Guy
  • Joan Shaddox Isom
  • Cassandra Jacobs
  • Juanita Johnson
  • Maggie Knorr
  • Dianne Lodge-Peters
  • Mary Marino-Strong
  • Susan Cummins Miller
  • Katherine Misegades
  • Linda Joy Myers
  • Tracie Nichols
  • Brenda Osborne
  • Laurie Park
  • PJ Pierce
  • Paulette Rees-Denis
  • Janet Grace Riehl
  • Rebecca Roberts
  • Deborah Robson
  • Cheri Rosenberg
  • Jane Ross
  • Karen Ryan
  • Danelle Sasser
  • Jan Epton Seale
  • Leslea Smith
  • Allison Stadd
  • Marlys Marshall Styne
  • Peggy Talley
  • Lina Tanner
  • Mary Tinkler
  • Carol Waid
  • Kathy Waller
  • Marti Weisbrich
  • Mary Welker-Haddock
  • Allyson Whipple
  • Gwen Whitehead


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Editor Editors procure / distribute books to our review team, edit reviews/interviews submitted by our review team, publicize posted reviews on our social media sites, and submit their own reviews/interviews.
Associate Reviewers have posted 5-9 reviews/interviews in the past 12 months.
Guest Reviewers have posted 1-4 reviews/interviews in the past 12 months.
Inactive reviewers haven't submitted a review in the past 12 months.
Former reviewers haven't submitted a review in the past 36 months.