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August 18, 2015. Vol. 8, No 8

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Book Report

Editors' Picks:
Every month, our editors choose remarkable books by and about special women. Here are our choices for this month:
Our Favorite Authors

Read Lee Ambrose's interview with Pam Webber, author of Wiregrass.

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Cover Stories

Judy King tells us about herself:
My fascination with the natural world goes way back to my early childhood when I always had to visit the flamingos and the zebras whenever my family went to the zoo. Why were flamingos pink? I wondered. Why did zebras have stripes? Why not the other way around?"

Without being aware of it, I grew into a science nerd. Writers I admired included Rachel Carson and Carl Sagan, and I got away from reading fiction more and more. These days there are so many excellent writers producing books about scientific topics and the history of science that it's hard to know where to start. I tend to look first for a woman's name as the author, and go from there. I still doubt that I'll ever run out of reading material.

When I'm not reading, I'm generally riding herd on my silly dogs. I also make things without always following directions or patterns. Sometimes they turn out the way I imagined. Other times they turn out awesome.

• Our editors and reviewers are active writers. Here are some of their recent projects:

  • Dawn Wink's essay, "Wild Waters: Landscapes of Language," was recently published in the journal Langscape. The intro to her piece states this: "Wink offers an intense reflection on her intertwined experiences as a lover of the desert, a student of language, and a listener to the ever-changing, powerful voice of flowering water."

  • Two of Judy M. Miller's essays are being included in two anthologies: Chicken Soup: Dreams and Premonitions (out Sep. 22) and My Special Needs Child: Reflections on Raising a Child With Special Needs (forthcoming).

  • Jazz Jaeschke's poem, "Yellow Windbreakers," was published in the 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival anthology, Di-Verse City.

  • Susan J. Tweit's commentaries have been picked up by two national websites. Her essay on seeing nature through different eyes (as in different genders and different cultures) is featured on the Children & Nature Network, the website of the organization founded by Rich Louv (Last Child in the Woods). And her piece about restoring the urban creek that runs past her house is featured on the "City Creatures" blog at the Center for Humans & Nature.

  • Susan Albert's mystery, The Darling Dahlias and the Eleven O'Clock Lady (#6 in the series) will be out in early September.

  • Cheryl Bazzoui, writing as Ann McCauley, published an essay, "Focused Writing Time" in the July/August issue of Working Writer.

  • B. Lynn Goodwin's YA, Talent, will be out November 1. Her short personal essay was recently published on

• Browse through our listing of books by women about American women in their cultural and historical contexts. At Story Circle, we are passionate about women's stories and are grateful to the authors who bring these stories to us. The books on this list deserve to be read and appreciated. They are books that matter, about strong women who have played significant roles in all fields of human endeavor. (Special thanks to Susan Schoch, who compiled this list for us.)

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True Words From Real Women

"Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing."
—Harper Lee

Read more thoughtful words from women writers.

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                Review of the Month                

Land of the Rain Shadow
by Joyce Gibson Roach

From Trilla Pando's review:
West Texas is big; West Texas is huge. Lots of land, lots of wind, lots of sky, and not very many people. Joyce Gibson Roach's stories tell of this country which she describes as land that "stretches between and beyond the Brazos and the Rio Grande, from the Panhandle through the Big Bend, from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico." The stories draw us into this land and those lonely ones who inhabit it across the twentieth century.

Reviewer of the Month:
Trilla Pando
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by Yelizaveta P. Renfro
Not the Mother I Remember
by Amber Lea Starfire
Short Leash
by Janice Gary

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Desperate Straits:
Desperate Straits

by Janet Squires

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