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March 18, 2015. Vol. 8, No 3

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Book Report

Editors' Picks:
Every month, our editors choose remarkable books by and about special women. Here are our choices for this month:
Our Favorite Authors

Read Susan J. Tweit's interview with Sharon Lovejoy, author of Running Out of Night.

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Cover Stories

• NovaStar reviewer Lee Ambrose is passionate about words! "I enjoy reviewing books for the SCN Book Review Site almost as much as I enjoy reading the reviews posted by my sister reviewers. Reading and writing are such an important part of my life that I cannot imagine a day without actively reading or writing—or both! When I am not immersed in 'word-working' I am enjoying nature or working as an oncology/hospice RN at the local hospital. I have been an active member of the Story Circle Network's Internet Chapter since 2000. Currently, I write for the poetry e-circle #4 and writing e-circle #7, facilitate writing e-circle #10, author the weekly 'Women's Wise Words: A Week's Worth of Writing Prompts,' and serve as the President of the Internet Chapter (2004-present)."

• Our editors and reviewers are active writers. Here are some of their recent projects:

  • The revised edition of Susan Wittig Albert's author-published novel, A Wilder Rose, is a #1 Kindle bestseller. Her mystery, Bittersweet (#23 in the Pecan Springs series), will be published in April.

  • Cheryl Bazzoui (Ann McCauley)'s review of Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night by Barbara J. Taylor appears in Writer Advice's January-March Newsletter. Her review of Divining the Prime Meridian by Carol Smallwood was published in the January 28, 2015 issue of the Common Line Journal.

• Browse through our listing of books by women about American women in their cultural and historical contexts. At Story Circle, we are passionate about women's stories and are grateful to the authors who bring these stories to us. The books on this list deserve to be read and appreciated. They are books that matter, about strong women who have played significant roles in all fields of human endeavor. (Special thanks to Susan Schoch, who compiled this list for us.)

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• Here at SCBR, we always receive more wonderful books than we can possibly review. So we've created a new feature on our website: a section called Briefly Reviewed, a selection of titles, briefly described, that represent the wide range of recently-published memoirs written by strong women who have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. Recommended for your reading pleasure!

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True Words From Real Women

"Here's my definition of a great beach read—a fabulous story that sucks me in like a black hole and when it's over, it jettisons my bones across the galaxy with a hair on fire mission to convince everyone I know that they must read that book or they will die."
—Dorthea Benton Frank

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                Review of the Month                

by Denice Turner

From Enid Cokinos' review:
In her beautifully written memoir, Worthy, author Denice Turner draws back the curtain and gives us a glimpse into the dominant forces in her world: the Chournos Family (her maternal family) and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (informally known as the Mormon Church). Each is fraught with unrealistic expectations of self-worth that will have readers shaking their heads in disbelief and laughing out loud.

Reviewer of the Month:
Enid Cokinos
Sarton Literary Award:
Winner & Finalists
2013-2014 Sarton Memoir Award

(click on the images for more info!)
by Yelizaveta P. Renfro
Not the Mother I Remember
by Amber Lea Starfire
Short Leash
by Janice Gary

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A Wilder Rose
by Susan Wittig Albert

Kirkus' Best Indie Fiction for 2013!

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